In Memorium:

Zontian Cornelia Hodges

A couple of weeks ago I learned of the death of a long time Zontian Cornelia Hodges at age 95. She was special to our district for many reasons. Cornelia was a long time Zontian with her home club being Springfield.  She served as our District Governor from 1972-1974 and was also International President from 1982-1984. Many of us remember the wells in Sri Lanka. That was pushed by Cornelia. She will be sorely missed.

I was able to attend a memorial for Cornelia on December 7 in Breese, Illinois. I met several people who new her well and because of her also new Zonta well. I learned a great deal about this amazing lady. I wish I had met her more than just briefly at the Orlando convention. Zonta was her life.

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