2014 Convention Photos

Take a look at the 2014 Convention Gallery for more shots of District 6 in action in Orlando!

District 6 at Convention

District 6 Zontians gather at the ZI convention in Orlando, Florida

We start Friday with an opening ceremony…


Jackie Beaudry carrying the Zonta Flag at the opening ceremony

 And a district 6 meeting…

Passing the gavel

Gavel being passed from Linda to Donna


International Director Liz Woodgate addresses D6 attendees


Donna Conant is installed as District Governor by Jackie Beaudry


Incoming ZI President Maria Jose Landeira Ostergaard addresses D6

We pose for a District 6 photo (twice!)

District 6 at Convention.1st

District 6 Friday photo

District 6 at Convention

District 6 Sunday photo


District 6 members participate in the Rose 5K


District 6 walkers and runners, EARLY Saturday morning


A surprising photo op with ZI President Lynn McKenzie after our run!

 Business sessions start on Saturday…


Sally Bean makes her candidate speech seeking election to the ZI board


District 6 Delegates occupy three rows as they listen to the business matters presented


We are rewarded with an exercise break, which turns into more of a dance break!


Delegates from the Ottawa Club prepare for the day’s voting


D6 members enjoy a coffee break


The oldest Zontian magazine displayed at the 100th anniversary booth


The display of Zontian magazines over the years at the 100th anniversary booth

District 6 is again well represented on the stage


Jackie Beaudry is thanked by outgoing ZI President Lynn McKenzie for her service to ZIF and a successful fundraising biennium

On Tuesday night, we enjoyed the closing banquet


The newly elected ZI board is installed, with D6 represented by Sally Bean on the left end.


Our outgoing and incoming Governors are recognized on the stage

Highlights from the Convention in Yokohama Japan

As usual the Convention was phenomenal. It is hard to express in words what it is like to go to an International Convention. There is the excitement of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The opening ceremony is always something that makes one proud to be a Zontian as well as an American as Zonta was started by a forward group of Americans and now extends around the world to 66 different countries. It is always a great thrill when someone from District 6 carries the US Flag. This year our own Jackie Beaudry carried the flag that then stood by the flag of our international President’s country Sweden and the host country Japan.

Before the actual opening ceremony, a group of Japanese Drummers took the stage and gave a spectacular performance. These young men have been all over Japan and the world and won many contests. The most interesting fact about these young men was that they are one of the Z-clubs of Japan. The incoming Governor of Japan was so proud of these young men and believe me she had every reason to be they did Zonta well.

The memorial service was inspiring. A Japanese violinist used her talents to help celebrate the Zontians that are no longer with us. Each Governor carried a yellow rose for the Zontians in their districts that passed during the past biennium. Governor Tammy carried District 6 Rose to represent our sisters and friends who we will all miss and see again in the future.

For myself there were two other especially exciting things. One was of course my instillation as your governor. I am excited and thrilled to serve as your governor for the next two years. I am also scared so you will see me call on all of you for help. I thank you

ahead of time for your help.    The other thing that really excited me was being able to see, rather up close, the Empress of Japan. It was an honor and something I will never forget. Now it is time to get my heads out of the clouds and down to work.


Elaine Rynders

Governor District 6

Message from Governor – Aug 6, 2018

Well ladies the long hot lazy days of August are upon us, but as we know there are no lazy  Zontians. We are all working on our projects and fundraisers that come about this time of year.

Conference will soon be upon us. Mark your calendars as you will soon be getting the Call to Conference 2017.  Around St. Louis the world-renowned St Louis Muny Opera is celebrating its 100th season in Forest Park. Does that bring anything to mind. Zonta will be celebrating its 100th birthday in 2019. As the Muny closes it 100th year let up think about how we will celebrate our 100th year and instead of Meet Me in St Louis, Louis, Meet Me in Fairview Hts for conference and celebration.

Submitted by

Elaine Rynders

District 6 Governor

Governor’s Message – May 6, 2018

As the biennium draws to a close, I’d like to express my sincere thank you to all members of District 6 for allowing me to serve as your Governor. It has been an honor and a privilege. I’d also like to thank the members of the D6 leadership team. They are an incredible bunch of individuals who served the district tirelessly for the last two years. We are luck that any of them are continuing to serve in the next biennium. With our Centennial Anniversary Celebration and the 2020 Convention in Chicago, District 6 has a lot to look forward to in the next biennium.

Tamara Hagen
D6 Governor 2016-18

Workshop Cycle Ends Zonta Year

The highlight of the end of the Zonta year is the Area Workshops. This year the theme was Relevant Voices/Relevant Clubs. All 5 Workshops focused on the use of Social Media and interacting with the Millennial Generation. There was a heavy emphasis on interactive sessions on the several different types of popular social media with time to get set up with sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Younger Zontians, often Millennials themselves, guided us through which site is most popular with which age group and helped with hands on training and answered questions. Many of us set up new accounts particularly with Facebook during these sessions. I even plunged into Instagram.

Here is some advice from Ashley Conard, daughter of incoming Area 4 AD Lisa Conard, who attended and actively participated in the Area 4 Workshop.

1) Facebook and Twitter accounts are a great place to start using only a few social media platforms. LinkedIN is a powerful platform to attract business women. Track the stats for your accounts.
2) Set up Skype for your Club so that members can attend meetings when away OR so that others can host a meeting from afar.
3) Your Webpage should have a list of members and what they do professionally. It should include a list of like-minded organizations that share our vision. Post your upcoming events with QUALITY Pictures. Add a page where a few of your members share their WHY Zonta and reasons why someone should join Zonta (leadership training, skills development etc.). Add buzzwords to get individuals attention like a link to UN WOMEN.
4) Don’t forget the low-tech approach. Make a list of whom you want to recruit and reach out to them personally, invite them to events or a meal. Young people come for food and interesting conversation about issues.

Submitted by
Tamara Hagen
D6 Governor.

Governor’s Message

Communication – a means of connection between people to impart or exchange information or news. Seems straight forward and in this day and age of electronic devices should be easy. Right? Well, as it turns out, that has been the biggest frustration for the Board members this biennium. The reasons vary from inaccurate contact information to blatant avoidance with non-returned emails and phone calls. This leads to vital information not being shared in a timely fashion and individuals being frustrated by “nagging”, both giving and receiving. Everyone is busy but please try to enhance the communications across our District. We need to help ourselves help each other. Share updated contact information, send newsletters to the Board and the District Presidents, post your events on your social media, and respond to emails or phone calls in a timely fashion even if it’s just to say, “I got this but am really busy right now and will get back to you later”.

While reviewing our District Goals, the Board found that the lack of sharing has made it hard to track our progress. Take for example the goal to interact with more like-minded men’s organizations to promote our mission. We know it happens but tracking the extent and with whom is hard. Our general sense is that it happens mostly in unstructured ways such as participating in a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes events. The one shining example we can point to is the Kankakee Truck Wrapping project.

We do not have to re-invent the wheel or go this alone. I suggest you investigate the UN Women’s HeForShe project at www.HeForShe.org. This project was launched in 2014 with the intent to actively bring men in to the conversation on how to build gender equality.

It’s mission statement reads: “The World is at a turning point. People everywhere understand and support the idea of gender equality. They know it’s not a women’s issue, it’s a human rights issue. And when these powerful voices are heard, they will change the world. The time for change is now.”

“HeForShe is uniting people around the world to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality. And, it starts by taking action right now to create a gender equal world.”

The HeForShe campaign is mobilizing individuals ranging form CEO’s and Heads of State to the person on the street to take steps to make gender equality happen. Zonta International encourages us to use this campaign to build more bridges with traditionally male dominated business and organization.

The HeForShe website has Action Tool Kits for your next steps. These include activities you can take in your daily life or your Club can develop as projects. Please consider this resource in our efforts to empower women.