2014 Convention Photos

Take a look at the 2014 Convention Gallery for more shots of District 6 in action in Orlando!

District 6 at Convention

District 6 Zontians gather at the ZI convention in Orlando, Florida

We start Friday with an opening ceremony…


Jackie Beaudry carrying the Zonta Flag at the opening ceremony

 And a district 6 meeting…

Passing the gavel

Gavel being passed from Linda to Donna


International Director Liz Woodgate addresses D6 attendees


Donna Conant is installed as District Governor by Jackie Beaudry


Incoming ZI President Maria Jose Landeira Ostergaard addresses D6

We pose for a District 6 photo (twice!)

District 6 at Convention.1st

District 6 Friday photo

District 6 at Convention

District 6 Sunday photo


District 6 members participate in the Rose 5K


District 6 walkers and runners, EARLY Saturday morning


A surprising photo op with ZI President Lynn McKenzie after our run!

 Business sessions start on Saturday…


Sally Bean makes her candidate speech seeking election to the ZI board


District 6 Delegates occupy three rows as they listen to the business matters presented


We are rewarded with an exercise break, which turns into more of a dance break!


Delegates from the Ottawa Club prepare for the day’s voting


D6 members enjoy a coffee break


The oldest Zontian magazine displayed at the 100th anniversary booth


The display of Zontian magazines over the years at the 100th anniversary booth

District 6 is again well represented on the stage


Jackie Beaudry is thanked by outgoing ZI President Lynn McKenzie for her service to ZIF and a successful fundraising biennium

On Tuesday night, we enjoyed the closing banquet


The newly elected ZI board is installed, with D6 represented by Sally Bean on the left end.


Our outgoing and incoming Governors are recognized on the stage


July Newsletter

D 6 July 2023 Newsletter

October Message

Ute Scholz – 2022 – 2024

Zonta International President



2022 Zonta District 6 Fall Conference

The District 6 Fall Conference in Brookfield, Wisconsin was held on October 7-8 hosted by the Zonta Club of Milwaukee.  The club held its 7th Annual Say No to Violence Walk during the Conference and Conference attendees were able to participate.

Some of the 2022-2024 Board Members at the 2022 District 6 Fall Conference.


Core Competencies

Reimagined Hot Links


Reimagined Tracking Form


Core Competency Review Sheet




District 6 Board

2022- 2024

Zonta District 6 Board of Directors

Officers: Cheryl Trudeau, Governor: Isabel Vidal, Lt. Governor/Membership; Brandy Harrington, Treasuer;  Helen Ludwig, Secretary

Area Directors: Mary Kay Nelsen, Area 1 Director;  Karen Smith, Area 2 Director/2022 Fall Conference Chair; Jean Heil, Area 3 Director; Suzanne Leeke, Area 4 Director; Mary Baudino, Area 5 Director

Chairs: Rhonda Thomas, Service; Susan Bursztynsky, Advocacy;  JeniLu Royalty, Foundati0n Ambassador;  Yvonne Chalfant; Mary Nagel, USA Caucus;  Judi Wilson, Z and Golden Z Club; Sandy Peterson, Communications; SerriJo Saarela, UN; Susie Trees, Awards; Marsha Bennett, By-Laws; Myra Celestin, Parleamentarian; Amber Brainard, Historian.

Norminating Committee: Anna Weselak, Chair; Gail Zalewski;  Marlene Brant; Michelle Miller.







2020 District 6 Young Women in Public Affairs Award

Congratulations to Elizabeth Wong the 2020 Zonta District 6 YWPA recipient. More on Elisabeth and other Scholarship and Award Opportunities.  <More>