Young Women in Public Affairs – 2013 Winner!


Madelyn D. McGlynn Citizenship: USA District 6

As a youth empowerment speaker, Madelyn McGlynn communicates the message that kids can change the world. At the young age of 12, Madelyn began to make an impact far beyond her local community. Realizing that malaria was a leading killer in men, women, and children in Uganda, she co-founded NETwork Against Malaria (NAM), a 501(c)3 nonprofit that raises funds for the purchase and distribution of malaria nets, as well as awareness of the plight of malaria in Uganda.

Since its inception, NETwork has grown to over 35,000 volunteers and 21 chapters across the country. Currently, NAM has raised more than $100,000 with 12,600 malaria nets distributed. Since three children can sleep under one net, this has the potential to save 37,800 lives. For this and her many other accomplishments, Madelyn was awarded the 2011 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Civic Award.

Madelyn speaks at youth conventions, on television, writes newspaper articles, and blogs for the Huffington Post about NAM and the impact youth can have on their local and global community. Locally, Madelyn is co-founder and chair of the Belleville Area Humane Society Art Contest; co-creator of a jewelry recycling program, Re-bead and Relieve; co-author of a cookbook for children’s hospitals distributed in the United States, Canada and South Africa; and a foster home provider for dogs and cats for her local humane society. Madelyn says she is committed to the needs of the people she serves, and she embraces their culture. Madelyn plans to earn a degree in business entrepreneurship and history with a minor in anthropology. She hopes to continue helping developing communities in Uganda and to continue her work with NETwork Against Malaria.

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